If you are into the Urban Art scene and want to find out more about Street Art/Graffiti Artists and Urban Artists who exhibit in galleries then you will find that this is the blog for you, with lots of extra resources. We have a huge resource of information from works with spray paints, stencils and mixed materials. 

We are spoilt for choice: Banksy, Faile, D*Face, Pure Evil and many many more. Who is your favourite and why?                  

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Is Graffiti Vandalism? or can it be art?

Vandalism or Art?

So is Graffiti Art or is it Vandalism? It is a heavily discussed topic.. I think most people would agree that Graffiti is definitely a form of Art but the problem arises (I believe) when the law is broken and property is deliberately damaged and ther Read More…


New Pure Evil Prints Released – NYC3

Exciting release of three new prints from Pure Evil, NYC3 is the name of this release in the nightmare series. I especially like the Jean Michel Basquiat one. Read More…


Extra Tips On Selling Your Art

Other than informing your prospective collectors on the basics of your artworks, how much you selling pieces for, and who else has bought from you, there are still other things you can do to make the probability of the sale higher. Here are some of t Read More…


Finding your own artistic style

A lot of people who are into art worry about where their artistic style will come from. It is important to at first concentrate on accurately portray the image you are drawing or painting as this will teach you good solid principles. It is said that Read More…

new artist

New Artists, existing artists we are missing out on?

Seen any exciting new art that you would like us to share with other people, or even help promote your own art or art related products, ideas or articles. Always keen to hear from you.   Read More…

Scroobius Pip

Scroobius Pip

Off to see Scroobius Pip in Oxford next week, which I am looking forward to. Not too late to grab tickets – click here Just to get all in the mood one of Scroobius older tracks on Soundcloud the lyrics are amazing but first here is link for son Read More…


Pure Evil Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London

As Pure Evil says in his own words he is stoked to have finally made it into the Saatchi Gallery.  He is doing a show of new pieces there, which will run until the end of February… He says about this exhibition that one day he received an em Read More…


Pure Evil Deconstructed Nightmare

A lovely piece of Pure Evil artwork that I recently purchased myself. The deconstructed nightmare is as I speak still available direct from Pure Evil’s gallery Read More…


Urban art, Pure Evil, some of his music.

Some great mixes available of Pure Evil’s music, not only a talented visual artist but also very musically gifted. There are some really chilled and interesting, relaxed chats with some very nice laid back music, enjoy. Read More…

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